Congratulations on Another Great “Row-In” Movie Night !!!

Thank you to all of you, and all of your friends, who lent a hand in making this Saturday nights “3D Creature” movie a HIT on the Canals! It was a blast and very well attended, with the fog playing it’s special effects part arriving perfectly on cue for the nail biting end of the film! It couldn’t have been better!

Special thanks to you Kent! I know you spent hours putting together all the preview trailers, and more hours making sure the film would come off as well as it did. Seeing everyone sporting their 3D glasses and  staring at the screen was a joy in it self and a nod to the “Kitsch” factor that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.
Let me know any pics for next years showing. I keep them all on file, and the ones that come up over and over end up winning out. Let’s discuss and decide in the spring.

Thank you so much for everyone’s help. I think this is one of my favorite events we have going on here in the canals, and I feel so lucky that everyone has continued to pull this off year after year.

See you around the neighborhood!

Debra Dusay Blocker

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