Enforce the Ban on Camping at Venice Beach

The VCA is joining with other Venice community organizations in a letter writing campaign to encourage city officials to support the existing laws banning camping on the Boardwalk.  Residents have told us about incidents that have occurred and many are afraid to go to the Boardwalk, day or night.  Please make your voice heard by sending a letter to the city officials named below.  Below is a sample letter from the Venice Stakeholders Association; feel free to use it, but, if at all possible, we suggest you write something in your own words.  Thank you for your participation.

Mayor mayor@lacity.org
Deputy Mayor Larry.Frank@lacity.org
West LA Director for the Mayor joseph.hari@lacity.org
Public Safety Policy Director steve.olivas@lacity.org
City Attorney ctrutanich@lacity.org
CD11 Councilmember Billrosendahl@aol.com
Assistant to CD11 Councilmember margaret.hash@lacity.org
Police Chief Charlie.Beck@lapd.lacity.org
Police Captain jon.peters@lapd.lacity.org

Subject:  Enforce the Ban on Camping at Venice Beach

Please enforce the ban on camping in the Venice Beach Recreation Area (LAMC 63.44 (D) (4)).

The park and its Ocean Front Walk have become a cesspool of drug use and sales, public drunkenness, public defecation and urination, assaults, intimidation, late night noise, off-leash dogs, and a breeding ground for criminal activity that is directed at residents, businesses and private property, including automobiles which are routinely broken into in Venice.

Residents and visitors now feel they must avoid the Boardwalk due to the dangerous conditions that exist there.  Many in the travel press now advise visitors to skip Venice Beach due to these conditions.

The campers who truly want a bed for the night can obtain a bed at one of the several shelters which have been opened early for this purpose.

Please act to restore Ocean Front Walk to its former glory as a safe, cool and friendly place for LA residents and visitors alike.


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