Oct. 17 update: Venice Canals Water System Improvement Project

Here is an update from LADWP project manager Jesus M. Gonzalez regarding the Venice Canals Water System Improvement Project:

Hello Everyone,

Below is an update regarding the status of our Venice Canal Water System Improvement Project. I’d first like to thank everyone for your patience and support on this project. Our construction progress has been hampered due to some unanticipated problems the past 2 weeks, however our construction crews are doing everything possible to make up for lost time. In short, the construction on Court E is now schedule to be completed on Nov. 7th, which means the work on Court D will commence on Nov. 10th.

Below is a detailed status report, and attached is an updated schedule along with photos of the construction.

Project Status Report

  • Construction Schedule – LADWP started construction on Court E on October 6th and are now scheduled to complete the work on Court E on Nov. 7th. As shown on the attached schedule, the work on Court D will start on Nov. 10th.
  • Construction Status – LADWP crews have excavated approximately 200 feet of trench, and they have started repairing old service connections along Court E. Our crews encountered numerous unanticipated challenges, such as poor soil conditions, and they have also resorted to had digging the majority of the trench due the prevalence of so many un-marked utilities. However, in response to these challenges, additional equipment will be used to facilitate with construction, and DWP will be meeting with all utility companies (Edison, Sanitation, etc.) next week to assist with identifying the un-marked utilities.
  • Upcoming Work to be Performed – During the week of October 20th, we will continue to excavate the pipe trench, and we will begin installing the new pipeline.
  • Work HoursMonday thru Friday, between 8am to 4pm
  • Street Closure – For safety reasons, Court E will be closed during construction hours (8am to 4pm). All other Courts will remain open next week.
  • Parking for Residents Impacted by the Construction – As shown on the attached map, residents impacted by the construction (i.e. Court E) are allowed to park in the lot located along Venice Blvd. All residents on Court E have received parking permits. If you would like additional permits, please notify me. Parking permits for residents on Court B thru D will be distributed 1 week prior to construction start.
  • Will Water be Shut-off Soon? – No, all customers will continue to have water during our construction. We will notify you in advance prior to performing a water shutdown.

» Download Venice Canal Project Status Report (PDF)

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