New Saltbush Maintenance & Replacement Project

Starting January 19th

Mariposa Landscapes, the Venice Canals maintenance company under contract with the City of Los Angeles, has recently done their Annual Survey of the saltbush plants (Atriplex lentiformis ssp breweri). The saltbushes were planted in 1993 to provide a safety barrier between the sidewalk and the canal.

The plants have a limited lifespan and the Voice of the Canals and the Venice Canals Association have purchased new plants over the past three years as needed. Many of the plants are nearing the end of their life expectancy and need to be replaced.

The recent rains have toppled many of the oldest plants. In addition, the repeated close trimmings have caused many plants to become top heavy. Also, many of the bushes exceed the 29” height stipulated in the City contract. If nothing is done we will continue to lose plants more rapidly.

Several thngs are being done to address the problem:

  1. Mariposa will be lowering the height of the bushes to open them up to sunlight. This will allow for new growth of leaves and strengthen the bushes. New growth will take a couple of months. This maintenance will start the week of January 19th.
  2. The VOC and the VCA have asked Mariposa to secure 194 new plants that are needed at this time.
  3. Mariposa will care for the new plants in the very early stages, which they have to water by hand. We are asking the residents to help water all the saltbushes at least once a week if there is no rain. Please do your best to protect the newly planted bushes.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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