Frequently Asked Questions

About The Canals

Q. Can I rent a boat/canoe/paddleboard in the canals?

A. The canals are a residential area and are not zoned for commercial activity such as boat rentals. You can bring in a boat from outside to the public boat launch [map]; you might be able to find rental shops around the Venice Boardwalk (along with bikes, ocean kayaks, etc.), or just south of here in the marina.

Q. What kind of boat can I have in the canals?

For starters, no motorized boats. Also, boats can be a maximum of 18 feet long, or a max of six feet wide; the combined length plus width can’t exceed 21 feet. Max draft: 2 feet; and max height above the water: 3.5 feet.

Visit http://cityplanning.lacity.org/complan/specplan/pdf/VenCoastal.pdf and https://law.resource.org/pub/us/code/city/ca/LosAngeles/Municipal/chapter06.pdf for reference.

Boating restrictions in the Venice Canals.

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