Row-In Movie Nights 2011


The dates for the VCA Row-In Movie Nights are here! See you there!


August 13 @ Howland Canal
R, 1 hour 57 minutes

Originally pitched as “Jaws in space,” Alien is so, so much scarier. This is the movie that launched a franchise and a young Sigourney Weaver’s career. Ron Shusett, Canals resident and producer and co-writer of Alien will join us!
Alien is rated R, and contains scariness, gore, and some adult language.

The Iron Giant

August 27 @ Linnie Canal
PG, 1 hour 26 minutes

A young boy rescues a huge robot which has rocketed to earth from space – and tries to protect the genial giant from a nosey government agent and the military. If you haven’t seen “Iron Giant” yet this is your chance! The perfect film for grown-ups and kids alike – a captivating animated feature that’s part metal, part magic and all heart.

Roller Boogie

September 10 @ Carroll Canal
PG, 1 hour 43 minutes

Remember the roller skating craze? Wish you could forget? Shot locally, Roller Boogie takes us back to a Venice awash in tight shorts, feathered hair and shaking booties. Stars Linda Blair and features a funkinated soundtrack.

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