To our Canal Neighbors

Venice Canals Association / Voice of the Canals

Recently, the Venice Canals Association (VCA) and the Voice of the Canals (VOC) have been informed by the Council Office that complaints have been received about plants encroaching onto the public sidewalks. The Council Office has asked us to bring this problem to the attention of all Canal residents.

The overgrowth of shrubs and flowers onto the narrow Canal walkways is a serious hazard to pedestrians.  There are some areas where almost half of the sidewalk is impassable and people have to walk in single file.  Older people with canes and walkers, wheelchair bound pedestrians as well as parents with strollers are in danger of personal injury as they attempt to avoid these obstructions.

We would like to remind all residents of Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 56.08(a), which addresses the encroachment of trees, hedges and vegetation onto a public sidewalk.   For safety and legal reasons, “plantings adjacent to the sidewalks cannot encroach into the walkways.”  Tree branches must be 9 feet above the walkways.

The Canals also have a special easement condition.  The City has an easement on both sides of the sidewalk, extending 2 feet to the water’s edge and 4 feet towards your residence.  The property owner is required to maintain their four foot easement.

Please join with all the Canal residents and look at your garden and perimeter plantings and trees to ensure that they don’t encroach onto the walkway.

The Los Angeles Department of Street Services has issued citations in the past to Canal residents.  We have been asked us to inform the community to comply by September 30th to avoid a citation.

If you wish to contact the VCA or the VOC, please do so at or Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Download this announcement as a printable flyer (100K PDF)

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