VCA awarded Venice Neighborhood Council Community Improvement Project funding for new salt bush plants

Several months ago, the Venice Canals Association applied for and was granted Community Improvement Project funding from the Venice Neighborhood Council for the purchase and planting of 205 new Saltbush Plants (Atriplex Lentiformis Breweri). The Atriplex serves as a city required safety barrier, and is placed along the water way in lieu of any fencing.

Mariposa purchased the plants recently and have been waiting for the right time to do their planting. The plan is to start the work during the last few weeks of October. Initially, Mariposa will care for the new plants.

If you have these new plants in front of your home, you can help with their success after the initial phase by digging a small narrow trench adjacent to the sidewalk. This will allow you to water during the dry periods without having the water run into the canals. Fill the trench with water periodically (at least weekly) depending on the weather.

Thank you to the Venice Neighborhood Council for approving the funding for this important environmental safety barrier planting project. We hope that all canal residents join us in protecting and nurturing these plantings.

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