Since 1976, the Venice Canals Association (VCA) has continued to faithfully serve our unique Canals community. During that time, we have accomplished many wonderful things! Our work is on-going and your membership in the VCA is important to us.

General Membership as a Canal homeowner or resident (lease of one year or more) is only $50 per year/per household. For others we offer a Friend of the Canals Membership at $25 per year per household.

As a VCA member, you enable the VCA to continue its work to protect, preserve, and enhance the quality of life in the Canals. You will receive the latest news about all our wonderful VCA projects, plus E-Announcements that give you immediate notification of events affecting Venice and our unique historical Canals community.

For more information, please email us at

VCA Membership Form (PDF download)

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