New Salt Bush Plants for the Canals

Brewers Salt Bush plant (Atriplex lentiformis breweri)

The Venice Canals Association and the Voice of the Canals will jointly pay the cost of replacing one hundred damaged, dying, or dead Salt Bush plants that line the canals. The purchase, planting and initial care will be done during the second week of August by Mariposa, our canals maintenance company.

Since the City of Los Angeles does not currently have the funds to support the plantings, this is planned as the first stage of a VCA/VOC program to replace a total of approximately 350 plants.


When the Venice Canals Rehabilitation Project was completed in 1993, the community agreed that instead of metal railings to line the canals as a safety barrier Brewers Salt Bush plants (Atriplex lentiformis breweri) would be planted. Plants rather than metal were felt to be more esthetically and environmentally friendly.

Mariposa Horticulture has had a maintenance contract with the City since 1994. In addition to removing debris and excess algae growth they trim and weed the Salt Bushes. Since the company isn’t contractually obligated to a watering schedule many residents do it themselves, which is vital for healthy plants especially during the summer.

Hundreds of plants have been replaced but eighteen years of growth is now taking an increased toll on the plants. Many plants have poor root systems. Lack of year round watering contributes to a rapid decline. Continued trimming has reduced the leaves to miniature clumps, which turn brown and die. Many have become top heavy and fallen into the canals.

Voice of the Canals

Venice Canals Association

It is the goal of both the Venice Canals Association and the Voice of the Canals to help maintain this environmental safety barrier plant. We hope each of you will join us in protecting and nurturing the Atriplex throughout the canals, including the newly planted ones.

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