Update on Venice Canal Water System Improvement Project (11/25)

Here is an update from Jesus Gonzalez, LADWP’s project manager for the Venice Canal Water System Improvement Project

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your patience during yesterday’s water shut off. We are glad to the report that the critical work performed by our DWP crews yesterday went very well; all of the old valves at Court E and Dell Ave were successfully repaired, and water was turned back on at 12:30pm. This work was very important as these valves are key facilities that are needed to insure proper operation of the water system within the Canals.

Attached are photos of yesterday’s work. It is also worth mentioning that the crew that performed these repairs, was also the same crew that repaired the large main break that took place yesterday afternoon in Benedict Canyon. This crew worked an 18 hour shift yesterday, and they are working again today on Court E to insure that we expedite the project in the Canals.

Below is a summary of the upcoming work:

  • Construction on Court E – The only work that will take place next week on Court E is the paving, removal of the steel plates, and our crews will also verify that all the meters are functioning properly. It is also possible that another water shut off may take place next Friday, December 5th. If this shutoff is necessary, it will only effect the 200 block of Court E, and it will only be for a few hours. We will know for certain early next week, and I will let you know as early as possible.
  • Construction on Court D – As our crews transition from Court E to Court D, major construction of Court D will commence on Monday, December 8th. Our crews will be doing some preliminary work on the 200 block of Court D next week, however Court D will remain open all of next week.

ยป Venice Canal Water System Improvement Project: photos of construction (PDF)

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