4-Way Stop SIgns to be Installed at Dell and Venice

Great news! At the request of Nadine Parkos of the Venice Canals Association and Mike Newhouse of the Venice Neighborhood Council, the sign that requires a left turn only off of Dell Avenue onto North Venice Boulevard will be removed and new 4-way stop signs will be posted at both intersections of Dell with North Venice and South Venice. We expect these changes in March or April. Until that time … please obey the signs as posted !!!

Canal Neighbor Warns of Bogus Solicitor

From one of our neighbors …

Remember when that supposed “neighbor” was walking around the canals asking for money and locked out of his house etc… well he’s back. He just came to my house asking for money, saying that his key broke off in his lock and needed a locksmith. I asked him his address and his name and he seemed very shifty, so I’m sending out this warning. He’s about 6 feet, very thin, caucasian, dark brown hair, 5 o’clock shadow, and currently wearing an orange sweatshirt, shorts, and a baseball hat. Please send this out to the community and let them know that he does not live in this neighborhood. He told me his name was Ken.
Thanks very much,

PS … This person has come by our house on Carroll Canal twice … Editor

Patio Umbrella Incident Reported

To all my friends and neighbors,

I hope the following will be of value to you.

A few days ago my patio umbrella was stolen. This afternoon while walking on the Boardwalk, I came across a vendor selling his wares from under the shade and comfort of MY umbrella! When confronted, he of course denied any knowledge of the theft, maintaing it had been “given” to him by some unknown benefactor.

I hailed a passing police car and the officers investigated as best they could. However, in the absence of any specific identifying mark on the item there was nothing they could do. And so we all left the scene, leaving behind one smirking vendor. And one umbrella. Infuriating!

However, before they drove off, the officers offered me some advice which I now pass on to you.

1. Report all thefts no matter how petty. It may help and at the very least it becomes a statistic to be referred to when the subject of need for a police presence is under discussion.

2. Mark all those items you keep outside that might attract a passing thief. Umbrellas, seat cushions, etc. should be marked with indelible ink in some inconspicuous place. If you get lucky and come across the stolen item as I did, it proves it’s yours.

Well, that’s it. Now I’m going out to put ID’s on my patio seat cushions and will do the same when I purchase that new umbrella.

Michael Laurence
2410 Grand Canal

Venice Boulevard Closure Sunday

South Venice Boulevard will be closed between 1 am to 10 am this coming Sunday morning, October 4th, for the LA Triathlon, according to the signs posted along Venice Boulevard by the Department of Transportation. However, according to the message on Special Events (323-224-6534), Venice Boulevard will, in fact, be closed from 3 am to approximately 11:15 am and the only Venice Boulevard attempted crossing points for us will be at Abbot Kinney Boulevard and Lincoln Boulevard.

You may have already experienced in years past the intense traffic jams we’ve had because there were NO signs stating “no through traffic” posted at Dell Avenue at Washington Boulevard, NO signs posted at Dell Avenue and 28th Avenue, nor Dell Avenue and Court A (formerly Sherman Canal Court).

We’ve notified Transportation that the Venice Canals community is always plagued with traffic jams on the day of the Triathlon because Dell is a one-way street with no egress other than Venice Boulevard once you’ve entered the Canals at Sherman Canal. Some extremely frustrated drivers have even attempted to drive against the flow of traffic on Dell, trying to exit the Canals.

The Venice Canals Association has requested Transportation to post signs at the above locations this year in an attempt to alleviate the problem and we’re awaiting confirmation that this will be done.

In the meantime, however, if you need to use your car for any reason this Sunday, you may want to make arrangements to get it out ahead of time.

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